Wednesday, January 4, 2012

28 Weeks!

Technically tomorrow I am 28 weeks, but close enough. Here is the most recent baby bump picture!

I went and got another ultrasound today to monitor growth. She's looking good though she's about 1/2 lb bigger than usual babies. She is a little over 3 pounds right now. Not sure if this means the little girl has my husbands giant genes or what but I sure hope she doesn't get too big! I still have to get my glucose test, which I am assuming will be done on the 10th which is when my next appointment is. Maybe she will decide to come early, who knows! 

I was kind of bummed at the ultrasound appointment though because of how the monitor was positioned I really couldn't see much of anything. We did get a few pictures though. Two of those crazy 4D ones which I think are kind of scary looking. Looks like my poor little baby has a big nose and lumpy deformo face! I know it's simply the way they turn out since it is going through tissue and fluid. She is positioned with her head down and her back seems to be on the left side of my body. This is probably why I am always getting kicked in my upper right side since that is probably where her feet hang out. She already looks so squashed in there!
Here are some pictures, I will even add the crazy 4 D ones even though they look all wonky! However I know she will come out looking cute and perfect!

Still pretty crazy they can get a picture that detailed in your belly!

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