Sunday, January 1, 2012

The baby bump is growing

 Well, currently I am 27 weeks but I never did post these last week. So here they are!

The baby moves a lot now. Sometimes I can just watch my stomach and see it moving which is pretty crazy. She is the most active right when I am trying to go to sleep.  There are certain things I like about pregnancy but at the same time I will be glad to get back to my normal self. Feeling her move is so crazy and makes it sink in that there is a little two pound nugget hanging out in my belly. I really feel pretty good minus the constant back pain, and random kicks to the ribs. I can't believe that she will be here in 3 months. I still feel entirely unprepared. I don't know that that will go away but I definitely need to get the nursery closer to being finished (at least thanks to Janet it is ready for paint). I haven't started a registry yet either, or have much of any idea when my baby shower will be.

Wednesday I will be at 28 weeks and we get another ultrasound. I am looking forward to seeing the baby again, plus getting some new pictures to share!

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  1. Just know you can never feel totally prepared. If the nursery is not done the baby will never know. As long as you have the essentials (clothes, diapers, something to eat and a place to sleep) baby will be happy!

    You look wonderful.