Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The nursery looks like...well a nursery!

We have made a tremendous amount of progress in the past week on our baby girl's room! I got the rug, then the crib and crib mattress within a 3 day period. Plus Zach and Janet painted the room, so finally it was ready to start adding everything in. The crib was super easy to put together. Zach and I accomplished it in like an hour. I recovered the glider's cushions on Sunday with the help of my mom. Sadly I did not get a before picture. Just know they were hideous. We wrapped the cushions with some 1/2" foam as well to make them more comfortable. We finally hung the curtain and I spent today stenciling the closet wall. I am super happy with how everything is turning out! The room is super small only 8' x 8' 6" so it is really hard to get photos. The only furniture we are missing is the changing table which Janet is repainting this weekend. The hardest thing is going to be arranging everything to fit.

First up here is a peak at the quilt my mom has been working on for the baby.

This is the backing fabric and the trim. She has all the squares sewn together now.

My wall stenciling wasn't too hard, just time consuming. It went faster as I went. This is my nice little plan measuring how far apart I needed to do the stencils to keep them even. 

There was 2 1/2 " between each stencil horizontally and 3" between the small and large stencils vertically. I used a little level to make sure each one was taped on the wall straight. I also used a little canvas board I had tested a stencil on to mark my 2 1/2" and 3" marks to make it a little easier than using a ruler. A little ghetto but it worked fabulous for me! 

 I didn't have any painters tape so i just used some white artist tape I had. I also marked the center of the stencil on each of the tape pieces so that it was easier to line the stencil's up when I was moving them.

Any one who knows me knows that I love glitter. When I found this at Lowe's I knew I had to use it.

I was using the lids to the paint as my paint tray. I just added some of the glitter each time I needed more paint.

I just continued these steps one at a time until I got to the bottom of the wall. I didn't do the top where the shelves go. Also that eyesore of an electrical box will be covered with this piece of wood painted the wall color. We just haven't rigged it up yet.

Here is a close up of the stencil. It was really hard to try and get a picture of the glitter. Also my stencils are not perfect. The textured wall does not make the process easy.

Here is the finished wall:

Here is the rest of the room!

For the ties we used some left over quilt fabric.

This close up is more accurate with the curtain's actual color.

Here is the dresser Janet found on craigslist and refinished.


The chandelier:

The rug is perfect!

Still have to get the changing table in here, finish the mobile, and put all the artwork I have collected up on the walls.  Most of the hard stuff is done! I finally feel like I am getting closer to being ready for this little nugget to arrive.

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  1. Looks great babe. You have done an awesome job designing this room! I would also like to thank my parents for carting around all of the furniture and giving up so much of their free time helping us complete your beautiful vision!