Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Oh blog, I am so sorry how neglected you have been lately. I promise to anyone who reads this I will start blogging more frequently.
My job has changed again for now, and I have been super busy. I now have no down time at work, and no internet access which means that I am surfing the web, home decor sites, and other blogs way less. Sadly my desk at home still has no top, so using the computer at home is a bit uncomfortable. It involves sitting cross legged sideways on my couch.
Yeah, not fun. Fingers crossed for a completed desk soon. Not only for practical reasons but also because that back room / future office looks like a tornado went through it.  Kyle is supposed to come over Friday and update my sad and very slow old Mac. My to-do list is endless, and I have been a bit worn down lately. Hopefully this is all due to my newly discovered thyroid problems, and will be fixed soon. However, some things have been done recently thanks to Janet.

I have just had 5 days off work and some of those days were spent relaxing on the beach in Nags Head. So I do feel somewhat rejuvenated. While we were away Janet got busy working. She has made us a headboard out of a door, refinished our night stands, painted our bedroom walls, and refinished a table for our garage entryway. She also refinished a small desk I am now using as a vanity in my dressing room.  

Here are some before and after pics:
The headboard before:



The Nightstands Before:


The Vanity Desk Before:


The Entry Table Before:


I love them all!!! Now here are some pictures of my bedroom after all the paint. 

Here is my dressing room with the vanity table and the Jewelry display I've been working on.

For the lamp I followed the same process as my teal lamps. I simply spray painted a brass lamp with primer and then a pearl spray paint. It has an iridescent look. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love iridescent things, this lamp is no exception.

The hooks I got from Thrift stores and spray painted. I still want to put some decorative paper behind the earrings I just haven't found the right one yet.  Zach thinks I went a bit overboard with the teal spray paint, but I already had it and I think it looks good.

I saw this at Target recently. I want my bedroom in these colors whenever I can afford to put some more work into it. 

I am thinking that I will do the back of the quilt I have been working on forever to look similar to this quilt at Anthropologie, only in creams, grays, and shades of teal.

This s probably going to be real hard, oh well. I think it will look really cute though. Plus anything reversible is always a plus. The other side is green, light blue and coral with a sort of parquet pattern.

Like this:

Lets hope I can finish it sooner rather than later.

Now that this post has taken me forever to write on my sad little mac, thats all I have for today. But I promise the posts will keep on coming. I have yet to put up pictures of my new couch!

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