Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More Birthday Wants

And just lovely things in general...

For my vanity I want to get some cute knobs. These are from my favorite store of course, Anthropologie.
 I am thinking either these:
or these:

I also discovered that they got new colors of my coasters! I love them, and I really like all of these!

I saw this book and thought it looked awesome! It makes me think of one of my classes in college. The class took place over spring break in New York City. We got to visit 10 different artists studios, maybe more I can't remember. Some were very successful artists too. My favorite had to be Ryan McGinness, who's work I love. Plus even better that we went to the same High School!  I was extremely envious of their work spaces and I am sure that wouldn't change looking at the different studios showcased in this book. Maybe it will give me some more ideas for my dream studio.

Of course to have this comforter would be amazing but its way out of my budget.

Anyone who reads my blog is probably sick of seeing this.

Anthropologie also has doorknobs like the original knobs I wanted for the living room furniture!

These towels are cute too.

What would this post be without clothes?

Zach thinks he has my style down and could 100% shop for clothes for me now. Bummer I won't be getting any from him for my birthday. That's okay though because I am pretty excited about my present. We are going to see Muse and Metric play in Charlottesville in October. I am really stoked about it, but still a bit bummed I won't get to enjoy my birthday present until a month after my birthday. Plus I love clothes and am dying for some new things. I could list wants all day long though. 

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  1. those dark blue coasters would go with my new throw pillows....hmm.....