Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jersey Shore party!

My birthday is only 18 days away! Now I am extra excited because Bekah is throwing me a Jersey Shore theme birthday party! So friends get those fake tans ready to party! I have been craving a new theme party since my oh so fabulous 22nd birthday party which was and ABC or (Anything But Clothes) birthday party. The turnout was great.
Then there was Laura's holiday's birthday party. (I was Octoberfest)
Then we had a 70's party which got a bit out of control.
The annual Ugly sweater or fancy dress christmas party.
Then the white trash party!
Zachs awful crustache.

So this party is going to be fun, and I can't wait! Its on October 2nd!
Who will we be?

1 comment:

  1. OMGGGG!!!! Tell my why Snookie is wearing the SAME dress that I got for my 24th B-day AND I wore it to your bachelorette partyyyy!!!! BAHAHAHAH!!!!!