Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Topsy Turvey

Well my life has been really crazy lately. My job was cut back to one day a week so the rest of the time I have been training in the call center. I am good at it but it isn't my cup of tea. So now I think after next week I will be moved to a store. Not sure if this will be any better but at least I will be busy. This also means less computer time and less blogging. :(

I am going to make more of an effort to blog after work though! I have a few projects going on at home. Painting the kitchen table is next. I've been testing the paint because Zach is worried the Poly will be tacky or sticky. I also have gotten a big ornate picture frame. Which I will be turning into a cork board. (with wine corks) I think Liz is giving me some.

 I have painted it teal so it matches the lamps. That back room with the desk is also next on the to do's. I think I am going to paint it a light yellowy green. Still on the hunt for a chair or stool to go at the desk. The desk still needs it's middle support and a top. Then we will be painting it white.

I have so many projects I want to do. I also have a plethora of paintings to do. Alyssa got me some canvases (4) to paint for her apartment. I am painting something for my friend Candace in exchange for a goober plush and I am hoping Chris will maybe chip in with some photography or something. ;) I also have two paintings to do for my dad's office.

The good news is that I have moved all of my painting stuff to Cousin Ashley's studio and I am planning on heading over there after work a few days a week. Now that I have space there is no excuse! Hopefully people will see the paintings in my dads office and want some of their own!

I've also been watching the seasons of weeds I haven't seen (1-5). I'm trying to see them all before they are no longer on showtime on demand.  I have until the 31st and I'm on episode four of Season 2. Long way to go!

So that's the scoop as of late. Hopefully there will be some good blog posts to come.

Since I must liven this up with a picture. I love this dress from the shabby apple . Thanks Ashley for more dresses to swoon over...


  1. I painted something and put poly on top. not tacky or sticky at all. and the tables i painted and DIDNT put poly on are kinda sticky. Might do a coat of poly. just make sure you let them really dry before you use it.

    Yeah, and that dress = awesomeness. I like it in blue.