Friday, October 30, 2009

Busy little B

So, my workload has increased significantly since I took over Desiree's marketing job. I don't have as much time to write posts on here.

I have a busy weekend ahead! Tomorrow is not only Halloween but also my Aunt Joni's 40th Birthday! Oh boy! We are celebrating with having our "Scary Halloween"/ Joni Birthday party.

So today after work I am going by my house to pick up some stuff and Kathy then heading to my moms. We will go get our race packets for the Wicked 10 k tomorrow and then we need to carve pumpkins and make Joni's Birthday cake.

Tomorrow we have the race ( total bummer that its going to be 83 degrees, what the heck!?) and then we have decorating and preparations for the party. Scary halloween my whole family dresses up scary (even my grandparents) and we deck out the yard to look very festive. And we basically put on a very scary show for all the trick or treaters. They love it. We haven't done it in a few years though. Last year I tried at my house and had ZERO trick or treaters. So it is going to be VERY fun. I am quite excited!

I'll be sure to post pictures next week. Now I need to finish my lunch.

Concoction Surprise

So this is the leftovers of what was a super yummy made up dish. My mom and I just threw together some ingredients and it turned out extremely successful.


Olive Oil

1 medium size Eggplant

1 Yellow Pepper

1 medium Yellow Squash

1 Red Onion

2 large Cloves of garlic

1 tsp. Cumin

1 lb Orzo Pasta

1/2 c. Feta Cheese

1 c. Mozzarella Cheese (shredded)

1/4 c. Pine Nuts (toasted)

1/4 c. - 1/2 c. Itallian Dressing

Parmesan cheese

Dice up eggplant, squash, yellow pepper, red onion, and garlic. (keep separated) In a large skillet heat 2 tbs of olive oil. When heated add onion and cook for a few minutes then add yellow pepper and garlic. Cook another few minutes then add eggplant, squash and cumin. Let simmer on medium to low heat.

While doing this heat pot of water for the pasta. Once pasta and vegtables are cooked mix together in a large bowl add feta, and mozzarella cheeses, they will melt in with the rest of the food, also add pine nuts and Itallian dressing to taste as well as some salt and pepper. Top it off with some parmesan cheese and its ready to eat! YUM

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One Year

Here's a pic from the White trash party Ashley had on Sat. Yes our outfits were awesome. Total winners.

It's hard to believe I've been dating Zach a whole year today! Looking back it doesn't seem that long, yet a whole lot has happened. I've been swamped with work which is a good think I guess, my days go by quicker yet it is way more stressful.

I love him!

Ive got a HUGE run in my tights today. Sucks. I look like an idiot. Now I need a new pair of thigh highs :(

Looks like I am going to have to close the store down to go out and buy some orange paper... woopie. I wonder if Zach and I will do anything special tonight. Probably not...


Monday, October 12, 2009

Little bit lost...

So today is my first official day as the marketing representative at Mini Price.
Seeing as I only had a day or two to 'shadow' Desiree, I don't exactly feel prepared.

I know I'll do fine with all the photoshop work that I will need to do. I just am more lost with what projects need to be done now. What people I need to contact for certain things. And sending things to the printer correctly. I just wish I had a little more preparation time...

I have been super busy though. At work I've been doing this marketing stuff. And afterwork I have had something to do pretty much every day. Last week was just SUPER busy. Friday after work Bekah came over and we went to 501 with my parents and Zach and Greg. Had alot of fun. Then went to my parents for a bit. I worked all day saturday then Zach and I went to my parents. Dianne met us there and we all went out to Tautog's for dinner. I really like that restraunt. VERY good food and our waitress was awesome. After that we went to Pacifica where david was supposed to meet us but he bailed. Ended up that Don and Liz came with their entourage from the ODU game. But I was stuck in the frigid corner and out of the conversation loop. So then my parents, Zach and Dianne all headed over to Garrisons. Their Pineapple martinis are SO good. But seriously toxic. Zach and I headed home before the other 3 exhausted.

Sunday I slept until 8:50! Thats near impossible. Almost made it to 9. I hung out for a bit, but it was boring because Zach was at work. So I headed to my moms. Ate some blueberry pancakes. Then we took the dogs on a nice long walk on long creek in First Landing State Park. Probably went around 4 miles. The weather was beautiful. Got home ate some chips then brought Zach a sandwich and ran errands. We cooked out for dinner and David came over. It was very good. Got home and watched some of the Colts game before going to bed completely exhausted.

So, Zach and I have really been making an effort to take Kathy on one if not two walks a day. We thought she was finally starting to look thinner. So we weighed her last night and she was 69 lbs. The last time she went to the vet... which was a while ago and not her highest weight she was around 73-76 lbs. So Im thinking shes lost 5- 10 pounds! So thats really good! I am hoping if she loses some weight it will relieve some of the stress and help out the arthritis in her hips. So we just have to keep it up! Its kind of hard to stop now anyways because she knows after I get home and feed her its time for a you know what. She gives me the excited begging dog start and hops around and nudges me until I take her. It's irresistable. If we didn't go I would feel super guilty.

Dennis went running with us this morning! him and 4 women. haha. I'll be glad when the time changes because getting up in the pitch black of night and starting to run when the sun is just barely starting to rise is hard. But we did get to see very pretty skies this morning...

As of now though I am super worn out and my stomach feels queasy. I think I just need to relax after work tonight. Not do anything. (except walk kathy of course!)

Friday, October 2, 2009


So tomorrow is my party. There could be as many as 30 people there. Kind of crazy. I'm really excited though. I'm going straight to my moms after work and we are going to make alot of the food tonight. I still have some cleaning to do, I don't know when I will get a chance to do it though! I guess its more straightening and organizing than cleaning exactly. Regardless I am VERY excited for tomorrow.

I love going to the Williamsburg pottery. It is like a tradition with my family. We go once or twice a year and we always make it funny and fun. Something eventful always happens. Its silly how many stupid pottery stories we have. To top it all off we are also going to the Prime outlets. <3 BCBG, Banana Republic, and Nine West.

Other potential good news I guess is that the marketing person for mini price is leaving. She does all the business card advertising and stuff, and Dana asked if I would be interested in taking on some of her work. Since she does stuff in photoshop and I sit at the sales center all day doing nothing (for the most part). So I am really excited to be able to actually DO something for the company rather than just be a body. We will see how it works out.

I wish I wasn't just sitting around now because I have so much I need to get done!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


So for my birthday dinner I picked this Italian restaurant called Razzo. Neither Zach or I had been there before. It is in Oceanview, which isn't too far from my house. The food there was really tasty.
Their bread was delicious and we ordered his awesome Baked Fennel. Which was really garlicy and had toasted bread with butter to go with it. So good. I could have just dipped bread in the sauce.
Zach got rigatoni ricotta, with sausage, and some other stuff I can't remember. His red sauce was super fresh tasting.

I ordered fettucini Alfredo with chicken. One of my favorites. The sauce was good. Not to heavy. I was also drinking a yummy Pinot Grigio I think it was called Woodbridge. Wine there is half off from 5- 6:30 too. Which is awesome since we got there early.
All in all it was very good. Great atmosphere there's only like 6 booths and 6 tables then a bar. So very quaint. Reminded me more of a Richmond restaurant. Basically I will definitely go there again!
Plus for dessert we went and got Rita's. So good. Although it made me feel over stuffed. My birthday was pretty boring sitting at work all day. But after work was awesome. Saturday will be even better!