Monday, August 31, 2009

crap! barbie found me!

Dunny Series 2009!

OMG I can not control my excitement.
This awesome looking series comes out on September 10th! Zach said he wants us to buy a case! Then we can sell the repeats on ebay... I can't wait! I love dunny's.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The time has come!

Ashley was successful in removing the Pink Pussy Puma weirdo woman.

So today I am stuck bored to death at work. Zach was working on getting our Subwoofer to work so that our tv and surround system would be complete in its perfection. He is also going to move the rest of his stuff in today and Ashley's working on moving out. Not sure if I'm glad I am stuck at work or if I would rather be helping....

I think I am aiming to run 8 miles tomorrow since the 1/2 marathon is a week from tomorrow! Hopefully the weather will be okay. This week the temperature is supposed to drop so hopefully I can get in some nice 3 or 4 mile runs. I hope I do okay since I havent run much in the last week due to vacation.... slackin.

Well I spent forever uploading photos from the trip onto facebook. The better uploader wouldn't work on this computer so I had to use the lame Simple uploader and do 5 photos at a time. Completely worthless and annoying. But it is all done.

Now back to reading for another 5 hours I guess. UGH

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cruise to the bahamas!

So my cruise was alot of fun! got lots of sun. It was nice to be able to just sit out every day.

The boat was real rocky the first two days. It made me a little queasy so I put on a patch which in turn made my vision super blurry. I couldn't read anything for like a day even AFTER taking the patch off. I tried to check my email and send Zach a message and I was having trouble getting to yahoo. So I called the lady working at the internet cafe over. And shes like what address are you trying to go to? I said yahoo? and she said " well you've typed PP" soo I typed in and didn't know it. GOD I felt like an idiot. and I was like I'm sorry my vision is really bad right now!

She must have thought I was an idiot.
We met lots of people. Played cards, and catch phrase. There was a piano bar which was a lot of fun. I learned how to play blackjack. Overall it was a nice trip. I was VERY ready to be home though and not being able to even talk to Zach sucked. I still feel a bit like I am on a boat too. I was getting sick of having to dress up for dinner. I was thinking back in the 1800's they probably did that EVERY night. That would suck!

One of the drink servers professed his love for me and wanted me to run away with him.

All in all it was a lot of fun. Though I was sick of being around a bunch of people constantly and having to wait for food. I am not sure if I would go on another one. I think I would be happier just going straight to a resort.

Being on the sea where there is absolutely nothing but water was a bit scary though. A completely different experience. I live at the ocean but I never really think about how incredibly gigantic it is. It is a completely different world almost. Totally insane. The water was so BLUE too. I wish our beach was that nice! ha

We had a very long day yesterday. we were off the boat by 930 and we took a bus shuttle to the airport and had to wait around till our flight at 5:25. We had to sit on the floor until 1:25 so we could check our luggage. Sucked. Especially since my butt got burnt the day before. But we made it home and then happily watched weeds and True Blood. on the 52" TV which Zach had put up and mounted on the wall. He is hooking up the huge surround sound speakers today. He spent all week running wires through the walls and everything. It looks good if you can get past the monstrosity of the speakers.

I have to work today and tomorrow. Zach is moving the rest of his stuff in as Ashley is moving out. Hopefully then we can actually start oragnizing the house. Right now it is a bit of a wreck with boxes everywhere.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

now that my books are in this i like it more.

Crap on my phone for turning off constantly

So we leave tomorrow for our trip!
I am SO excited!!!!

Our flight leaves at 9:40. I think we get to Jacksonville around 12? Then we get to hangout in St. Augustine thursday and friday. Saturday morning the Cruise leaves from Jacksonville. We are going to Nassau and Half Moon Cay. I hope its alot of fun and that we get good weather!

I haven't gotten to run this week. (though I did go 12 miles on Sat in 2 hr and 12 min!) So I will be running some on vacation! even if its just a mile in laps on the boat a day. I just think that will get real boring real fast...

So I am looking forward to lots of sun and fun!

Zach is going to miss me so much!

Also I think sleeping next to him is going to take some adjusting. Him and his gigantor limbs leads him to think i am taking up the entire bed. When in reality I am straight as a board with my side directly on the edge of the bed! I cant move over any more!!!! UGH. Don't get me wrong I am sure sometimes when completely knocked out in sleep I am probably encroaching on his side. But a few instances last night I am positive I wasn't. I have a bruise on my leg and I am pretty sure its from him shoving me over. I think Lurina is getting sad from being kicked out every night too. My poor baby.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My house

So my family room, hall and dining room paint looks AWESOME. I am super happy with the colors I picked. I need to take some pictures to put up here. But I am very satisfied with how things look right now. Only a few weeks now and things can start really being put together the way I want them.

Its also unbelieveable my week long vacation and cruise is in 8 days! So exciting. I am going to have a real nice tan by the end of August. Then Zach will really look pale.

David, Cobun and Carter are in town! I still haven't seen them but I am going to dinner at my moms tonight so I will finally get to hangout with them and I believe I will also get to meet Cobuns girlfriend. Ha. So I hope tonight will be nice.

Running this morning was deathly hot and humid. We need to do 12 miles this weekend. I hope the weather isn't going to kill me.

Not much else to report. It is another slow day at work.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies.... yum!

So slow.

Richmond this past weekend was so fun. Sadly I was only there for about 22 hours. I went straight to Enoteca Sogno since casie was working and waited for her to get off. I had an awesome white wine while I was waiting but I can't think of what it was called... We ate an awesome dinner there as well. We had a caprice salad and this white beans and arugula with little baby toasts. Incredibly yummy followed by pesto pasta. We then decided to meet Elaine and her friends downtown at Sin e which is pronounced Shenay. Weird. Completely full of Bro's and Ho's. Perfect people watching/ judging material. Casie and I were both real tired and headed back to her house a little after one.

Sunday was brunch with Beth, Ashton, Annie and a bunch of others was at Joe's at 11. Casie lives pretty close by so we walked there. It was alot of fun. I definately enjoyed getting to see Beth and Annie and Ashton. Casie and I shared some french toast. So good! Beth took this group shot of everyone outside afterwards. I wish I had a copy so I could include it on here...

After that we went back to Casies I hung out while she cleaned up a bit. Elaine and David came to hangout. We helped Casie rearrange her living room. Casie and I went to Kuba Kuba and I got Tostones (deep fried plantains) and my favorite Spinach and Riccotta Empanadias. SO GOOD. Kuba Kuba is definately in the top 5 things I miss most about Richmond. lets see my list of Richmond favorites...
1. Architecture, just the old buildings and row houses are always so awesome
2. Anthropologie
3. AWESOME Non chain RESTRAUNTS ( Kuba Kuba, and Ginger are amongst my favorites)
4. My friends that are still there... which is mainly Casie and David.
5. Carytown

I wouldn't go as far as saying I missed it so much I want to go back, but the idea no longer seems as bad as it used to. There are good things about Richmond though I like Virginia Beach more I think...

So I drove back around 530, went straight to my moms to get Kathy and eat some Peach Cobbler then made it home in time to watch True Blood with Zach.

It was nice getting to see my friends though. I miss them. I wish they would come visit here more often... or ever... ha

This week at work so far has been slow. Then again that is normal. It seems like a complete shock when I actually have a customer to deal with. I am so used to being completely alone in here all day I almost feel like someone walking in is just a pain. Ha. Which they aren't, but I always feel weird because I hurry to put away my book or get facebook, twitter, or perez hilton or whatever crap I am doing online off the screen to look more professional. Then usually they ask something like can I rent your trucks? or something that is a one word answer and they are out the door.

I wish I was doing a job that was more productive so I didn't feel so lazy all the time. Yesterday I got home and went cleaning crazy. I vacuumed, wiped down the floor boards, folded some towels, cleaned the litterboxes, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, cleaned the remainder of the pots and pans, washed Kathy's beds, Swept the kitchen, Cleaned the counters and appliances off, took out the trash, cleaned the coffee and side tables with windex and pledge, cleaned the front door, took down all the polaroids with ashley. Then I managed to watch Bride Wars and make speghetti and complete all of this before like 9. I wish I was that productive everyday!

I am breezing through the Twilight Series again, I am already halfway through Eclipse. This is probably due to the fact that I have 8 hours a day to read and play on the computer... Although I did attempt to do as much work stuff as possible this morning...

Well enough of my rambling. Zach and I are painting the living room, dining room and hall on Sat and Sun so I suppose I need to prepare the house even more this week. I plan on painting (not walls but an actual painting) tonight after work and maybe making some chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies... I also think Jason is coming over sometime.

If anyone is interested in buying a painting from me let me know!

Sunday, August 2, 2009