Saturday, August 29, 2009

The time has come!

Ashley was successful in removing the Pink Pussy Puma weirdo woman.

So today I am stuck bored to death at work. Zach was working on getting our Subwoofer to work so that our tv and surround system would be complete in its perfection. He is also going to move the rest of his stuff in today and Ashley's working on moving out. Not sure if I'm glad I am stuck at work or if I would rather be helping....

I think I am aiming to run 8 miles tomorrow since the 1/2 marathon is a week from tomorrow! Hopefully the weather will be okay. This week the temperature is supposed to drop so hopefully I can get in some nice 3 or 4 mile runs. I hope I do okay since I havent run much in the last week due to vacation.... slackin.

Well I spent forever uploading photos from the trip onto facebook. The better uploader wouldn't work on this computer so I had to use the lame Simple uploader and do 5 photos at a time. Completely worthless and annoying. But it is all done.

Now back to reading for another 5 hours I guess. UGH

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