Friday, August 28, 2009

Cruise to the bahamas!

So my cruise was alot of fun! got lots of sun. It was nice to be able to just sit out every day.

The boat was real rocky the first two days. It made me a little queasy so I put on a patch which in turn made my vision super blurry. I couldn't read anything for like a day even AFTER taking the patch off. I tried to check my email and send Zach a message and I was having trouble getting to yahoo. So I called the lady working at the internet cafe over. And shes like what address are you trying to go to? I said yahoo? and she said " well you've typed PP" soo I typed in and didn't know it. GOD I felt like an idiot. and I was like I'm sorry my vision is really bad right now!

She must have thought I was an idiot.
We met lots of people. Played cards, and catch phrase. There was a piano bar which was a lot of fun. I learned how to play blackjack. Overall it was a nice trip. I was VERY ready to be home though and not being able to even talk to Zach sucked. I still feel a bit like I am on a boat too. I was getting sick of having to dress up for dinner. I was thinking back in the 1800's they probably did that EVERY night. That would suck!

One of the drink servers professed his love for me and wanted me to run away with him.

All in all it was a lot of fun. Though I was sick of being around a bunch of people constantly and having to wait for food. I am not sure if I would go on another one. I think I would be happier just going straight to a resort.

Being on the sea where there is absolutely nothing but water was a bit scary though. A completely different experience. I live at the ocean but I never really think about how incredibly gigantic it is. It is a completely different world almost. Totally insane. The water was so BLUE too. I wish our beach was that nice! ha

We had a very long day yesterday. we were off the boat by 930 and we took a bus shuttle to the airport and had to wait around till our flight at 5:25. We had to sit on the floor until 1:25 so we could check our luggage. Sucked. Especially since my butt got burnt the day before. But we made it home and then happily watched weeds and True Blood. on the 52" TV which Zach had put up and mounted on the wall. He is hooking up the huge surround sound speakers today. He spent all week running wires through the walls and everything. It looks good if you can get past the monstrosity of the speakers.

I have to work today and tomorrow. Zach is moving the rest of his stuff in as Ashley is moving out. Hopefully then we can actually start oragnizing the house. Right now it is a bit of a wreck with boxes everywhere.

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