Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crap on my phone for turning off constantly

So we leave tomorrow for our trip!
I am SO excited!!!!

Our flight leaves at 9:40. I think we get to Jacksonville around 12? Then we get to hangout in St. Augustine thursday and friday. Saturday morning the Cruise leaves from Jacksonville. We are going to Nassau and Half Moon Cay. I hope its alot of fun and that we get good weather!

I haven't gotten to run this week. (though I did go 12 miles on Sat in 2 hr and 12 min!) So I will be running some on vacation! even if its just a mile in laps on the boat a day. I just think that will get real boring real fast...

So I am looking forward to lots of sun and fun!

Zach is going to miss me so much!

Also I think sleeping next to him is going to take some adjusting. Him and his gigantor limbs leads him to think i am taking up the entire bed. When in reality I am straight as a board with my side directly on the edge of the bed! I cant move over any more!!!! UGH. Don't get me wrong I am sure sometimes when completely knocked out in sleep I am probably encroaching on his side. But a few instances last night I am positive I wasn't. I have a bruise on my leg and I am pretty sure its from him shoving me over. I think Lurina is getting sad from being kicked out every night too. My poor baby.

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