Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My house

So my family room, hall and dining room paint looks AWESOME. I am super happy with the colors I picked. I need to take some pictures to put up here. But I am very satisfied with how things look right now. Only a few weeks now and things can start really being put together the way I want them.

Its also unbelieveable my week long vacation and cruise is in 8 days! So exciting. I am going to have a real nice tan by the end of August. Then Zach will really look pale.

David, Cobun and Carter are in town! I still haven't seen them but I am going to dinner at my moms tonight so I will finally get to hangout with them and I believe I will also get to meet Cobuns girlfriend. Ha. So I hope tonight will be nice.

Running this morning was deathly hot and humid. We need to do 12 miles this weekend. I hope the weather isn't going to kill me.

Not much else to report. It is another slow day at work.

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