Friday, February 27, 2009


I have discovered this new Etsy tool. "pounce". It is like another way to search through sellers. you push the pounce thing and you can choose between just sold or undiscovered and it comes up with a random assortment of items. So much fun. I just found out you can buy seeds for vegetables on here! I feel like there are so many people I could get gifts for on here! I really need to get my act together and paint as much as possible so I can start listing my paintings! I wonder if anyone will buy them.... Only one way to find out I suppose.

Here are two things I've found today. The clutch is Madebyhank. I think it is pretty sweet.

This Raku Pot is seriously amazing. Either the glaze he uses is just perfection or he has the raku process down. Possibly Both. His name is Bruce Johnson. If his stuff wasn't so expensive I would have to have this. But it certainly is beautiful!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So I won this Kraken Dunny on Ebay the other day. I need to stop bidding. But theres still a few more I'd really like. The Hollywood one is one of them but the bidding always gets too expensive. Or it surpasses what I am willing to pay.

Jenna and I are going to see the Confessions of a Shopaholic movie and get some bubble tea this afternoon. I am excited that I get to leave work early to go! I am in the middle of the book which is alright but certainly not one that I can't put down. The girl is retarded. Spending spending spending all the while panicing about her debt and trying to do things to pay it off which always result in her spending even more money and paying absolutely nothing off! Its sad because I can certainly relate in some ways because I can be an impulse shopper. But I certainly would never put myself in a situation like that. It is also crazy because there are plenty of people like her out in the world.

I am going to TRY my best not to buy a dunny at the bubble tea place BUT I do get 2 dollars off my drink..... hmm.

I am already hungry for lunch and considering my options. I will probably end up making myself a mini bagel sandwich. If my mom has tuna I think I will make a tuna melt on a mini bagel with swiss cheese. Yum.

Back to work.

Monday, February 23, 2009


So I am almost done knitting my blanket which I started in September when Ashley and I moved in. I haven't exactly consistantly worked on it. It is more something I occasionally do while watching television or a movie. So, I am on the last stripe which is 15 rows or 3o i suppose depending on how you look at it. Hopefully I will be done in a week or so! A few weekends ago I went with my grandma and mom and joni to a knitting store. I got some real nice (though kind of pricey) yarn. I went to michaels to get some cheaper yarn to knit with it. Their selection is horrible. I don't think A.C. Moore's is much better either. It is pretty lame that I can't find nice yarn for reasonable prices anywhere so I've been browsing online finding some pretty stuff. Etsy has REAL nice yarn but its super expensive since its all hand dyed. After I finish this blanket and do a few scarves I may resort to ordering some of these yarns online...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Change one thing and it destroys everything else.

So the day just plan started out irritating. I got up and left the house early to make it to the 9 am meeting at Denbigh Miniprice in Newport News. I hit the tunnel traffic and am just plain not moving anywhere. So I text Ben to see if they are in the same situation and he texts me back " No cancel". WTF. So apparently they cancelled the meeting and failed to tell me. Thank god traffic was so backed up I hadn't passed the last exit yet. So eventually I manuevered over and turned around. That didn't change the fact that I was furious though and I feel like I work with some unprofessional idiots who like to waste my time!

So now I'm working on fixing my uncles house plan. So it will line up with the foundation plan and they changed all the wall sizes so I change that and basically every single thing in my plan is now messed up so its going to be alot of correcting and checking a dimension on the autocad file then going back and making sure my revit one matches. So frustrating. Its going to take forever and it is tedious. I am having trouble concentrating. Partially because I don't like that I have to re-do everything, partly because I am still angry from this morning, partially because I am real hungry and lastly because I really want to paint now..but can't.

Here is how my setup looks. In my nice little cubical. Actually it looks like a disaster. I have too many plans and papers and no where for them to go. Oh well.
I hope this day improves.

This picture never fails to make me happy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stomach flu

I haven't posted in a while. Last week I spent with the twins since Don and Liz were out of town. Those girls wore me out! but they are super cute and I got to watch lots of Disney movies! Elle has the glasses on... and below Ava is on the left and Elle on the right.

So Sunday was one of the WORST days I can remember. I woke up fine but by 10 I was feeling sick and it only got worse. I am assuming I had the flu. Regardless it was horrible and I was pretty pathetic. I couldn't get any sleep because when you are sick like that you are just utterly uncomfortable. I feel like I had to have lost at least 10 pounds. Yuck. I seriously forgot how AWFUL being sick like that is. I can't remember the last time I had the flu. I just was in so much pain and I would try and think of something like the color black to try and keep my mind off of how horrible I felt, because I couldn't sleep. Or do anything really for that matter. Yesterday I still was feeling pretty rotten but was attempting to start eating and at least drinking water. So thank god I feel considerably better today. I had to wake up and get to work early to get all these plans ready and printed to take to a meeting at 9. Then I was in meetings until about 12:30. So I am super exhausted and not feeling good, but not really bad either. Just kind of eh. I am still waiting for my dunny to arrive.

In good news, Ashley went to D.C. this weekend and went to Urban Outfitters and got me a new Olde English Dunny! So I am excited to get it and see which one it is.

I also have finished reading all the Sookie Stackhouse books. Which I LOVE and am sad I have to wait til May for the 9th one to come out. For anyone who has not read these books you should. The HBO show True Blood is based off of them. I personally love fantasy novels which alot of times go hand in hand with teen books but these are more adult and are a combination of the supernatural, real life, and a mystery.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mondays are the worst day of the week

I really do loathe Mondays. Its the day the monotonous work week starts over again. One good thing did happen today though. I won this Supakitch dunny on Ebay. Zach will probably give me a hard time about it... but oh well. I am super stoked!
My first Ebay win! Pretty exciting. The rest of the week I will be babysitting the twins instead of coming to the office. It is going to be way more work than I would do here. I hope they leave the laptop so I can check my email and whatnot. I am debating whether or not I want to get some bubble tea... Its just so good I am addicted.

This weekend. Zach and I went to dinner at Burton's Grill with my dad, Shea, and his friend Adam. It was pretty good, but expensive. My dad called Don and Liz back and so after dropping Shea and Adam off we went to Aldo's to meet them. By then I was on my third glass of wine. Which is alot for me since I practically never drink anything. But we had alot of fun and ended up going to Pacifica after Aldo's. And their waiter and another guy from Aldo's met us all there. All the men were taking double shots of Patron. I was done drinking and then Liz ordered me another glass of wine! Oh well. I had a really good time. I think I enjoy going to bars with my parents and their friends more than people my age. I don't know the exact reason for that. I guess I am just more mature. I'd rather not go to crappy bars where everyone is totally trashed and has a goal to simply get wasted. I hate having creepy gross dudes hit on me too. I am probably over exaggerating with the everyone being wasted, but for the most part I feel like Im surrounded by sloppy drunks when I am at bars with people my age. I like the atmosphere of bars like pacifica and garrisons better. They aren't super crowded and noisy and you can always get a table, plus they are smaller. I guess I am just not like most people my own age. I'd much rather stay in and read or something than go out. Regardless, Zach and I had a great time Saturday night.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Painted Cats?

So Ashley emailed me these pictures of painted cats. Which is TOTALLY insane because apparently people pay like $15,000 to get their cat painted! Cats are cute the way they are to begin with, why would you need to paint their fur! And they have to get it re-done like every 3 months which adds up to $60,000 dollars a year! INSANE anyways some look a bit interesting but this one is just animal cruelty. this cat looks completely demented! And sadly I can't stop laughing at it!

I love animals

So someday zach and I will have these awesome pups... We will probably get the weimaraner sooner. I know zach will want an animal he picked when he has to live with 3 that I chose. I can't wait I haven't had a puppy in so long and kathy will like to have a friend. Look how cute they are!
I figure whenever the time comes to get another dog I want a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I saw this breed in a dog show and since Zach refuses to let me have a crazy shedder like another lab or a long haired dog... I wanted another bordercollie or an Austrailian Shepard. So this dog is short haired and still big and apparently loveable as well as super cute!
Basically I just love animals and want a house full of them.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

some good some bad

For the good.....I got my bubble tea, it was mmm mmm good. AND they sell dunnys there.
The bad. I lost both those dunnys on ebay. Of course it ended while I was still at lunch and someone waited to the last second to out bid me. ughhh.

Yes, I am obsessed.

So I went into Up against the wall yesterday to see if they had or had ordered the new Ye Olde English Dunny series that just came out. Sadly they hadn't, but they did have one lone dunny left from series 5. So I bought it. I already have like 8 from that series so I figured I would end up with a repeat but I ended up getting the MechaDunny By Frank Kozik. which is pretty rare 1/100. I was pretty stoked. So this guy is now part of my collection! I only wish more people understood the excitement and love I have for dunnys. Beth does but she is across the country :(

I am currently craving

I really, really, really want some bubble tea. However I don't even think there is a place that sells it in Virginia Beach... but wait I have searched.. and apparently there is some place called Jelly Ball in Lynnhaven Mall which is under 3 minutes from my office... I may have to go there today. How on earth did I not know about this!??
Now I just cannot look anywhere else if I go into the mall to get myself a delicious beverage...

Something New

So... I like my cousin ashleys blog. and I have decided to make my own! I figure its a place i can post pictures of my paintings and something I can do when I am bored at work or in need of a break!
Currently I am bidding on two dunnys on Ebay that are supposed to end in a few hours and i am extremely nervous that I wont win! and that I will be outbid at the last second. One of them I have wanted FOREVER. Like 2 years or so. I also have never bought anything on Ebay and I am hoping it will be easy to pay for it on paypal. Since I don't have my bank account linked I am not sure exactly how it works but I am sure Ill find out soon enough.
Here are the two that I am bidding on.