Monday, February 23, 2009


So I am almost done knitting my blanket which I started in September when Ashley and I moved in. I haven't exactly consistantly worked on it. It is more something I occasionally do while watching television or a movie. So, I am on the last stripe which is 15 rows or 3o i suppose depending on how you look at it. Hopefully I will be done in a week or so! A few weekends ago I went with my grandma and mom and joni to a knitting store. I got some real nice (though kind of pricey) yarn. I went to michaels to get some cheaper yarn to knit with it. Their selection is horrible. I don't think A.C. Moore's is much better either. It is pretty lame that I can't find nice yarn for reasonable prices anywhere so I've been browsing online finding some pretty stuff. Etsy has REAL nice yarn but its super expensive since its all hand dyed. After I finish this blanket and do a few scarves I may resort to ordering some of these yarns online...

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