Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So I won this Kraken Dunny on Ebay the other day. I need to stop bidding. But theres still a few more I'd really like. The Hollywood one is one of them but the bidding always gets too expensive. Or it surpasses what I am willing to pay.

Jenna and I are going to see the Confessions of a Shopaholic movie and get some bubble tea this afternoon. I am excited that I get to leave work early to go! I am in the middle of the book which is alright but certainly not one that I can't put down. The girl is retarded. Spending spending spending all the while panicing about her debt and trying to do things to pay it off which always result in her spending even more money and paying absolutely nothing off! Its sad because I can certainly relate in some ways because I can be an impulse shopper. But I certainly would never put myself in a situation like that. It is also crazy because there are plenty of people like her out in the world.

I am going to TRY my best not to buy a dunny at the bubble tea place BUT I do get 2 dollars off my drink..... hmm.

I am already hungry for lunch and considering my options. I will probably end up making myself a mini bagel sandwich. If my mom has tuna I think I will make a tuna melt on a mini bagel with swiss cheese. Yum.

Back to work.

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  1. are you sure that book isn't an autobiography? are you sure you didn't write it???