Monday, February 9, 2009

Mondays are the worst day of the week

I really do loathe Mondays. Its the day the monotonous work week starts over again. One good thing did happen today though. I won this Supakitch dunny on Ebay. Zach will probably give me a hard time about it... but oh well. I am super stoked!
My first Ebay win! Pretty exciting. The rest of the week I will be babysitting the twins instead of coming to the office. It is going to be way more work than I would do here. I hope they leave the laptop so I can check my email and whatnot. I am debating whether or not I want to get some bubble tea... Its just so good I am addicted.

This weekend. Zach and I went to dinner at Burton's Grill with my dad, Shea, and his friend Adam. It was pretty good, but expensive. My dad called Don and Liz back and so after dropping Shea and Adam off we went to Aldo's to meet them. By then I was on my third glass of wine. Which is alot for me since I practically never drink anything. But we had alot of fun and ended up going to Pacifica after Aldo's. And their waiter and another guy from Aldo's met us all there. All the men were taking double shots of Patron. I was done drinking and then Liz ordered me another glass of wine! Oh well. I had a really good time. I think I enjoy going to bars with my parents and their friends more than people my age. I don't know the exact reason for that. I guess I am just more mature. I'd rather not go to crappy bars where everyone is totally trashed and has a goal to simply get wasted. I hate having creepy gross dudes hit on me too. I am probably over exaggerating with the everyone being wasted, but for the most part I feel like Im surrounded by sloppy drunks when I am at bars with people my age. I like the atmosphere of bars like pacifica and garrisons better. They aren't super crowded and noisy and you can always get a table, plus they are smaller. I guess I am just not like most people my own age. I'd much rather stay in and read or something than go out. Regardless, Zach and I had a great time Saturday night.

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  1. oh brittany. that's funny you posted a loathing monday post, so did I.

    most of the bars around here are nice, just so you know. come out sometime grandma. I promise we won't go to the pub.