Thursday, February 19, 2009

Change one thing and it destroys everything else.

So the day just plan started out irritating. I got up and left the house early to make it to the 9 am meeting at Denbigh Miniprice in Newport News. I hit the tunnel traffic and am just plain not moving anywhere. So I text Ben to see if they are in the same situation and he texts me back " No cancel". WTF. So apparently they cancelled the meeting and failed to tell me. Thank god traffic was so backed up I hadn't passed the last exit yet. So eventually I manuevered over and turned around. That didn't change the fact that I was furious though and I feel like I work with some unprofessional idiots who like to waste my time!

So now I'm working on fixing my uncles house plan. So it will line up with the foundation plan and they changed all the wall sizes so I change that and basically every single thing in my plan is now messed up so its going to be alot of correcting and checking a dimension on the autocad file then going back and making sure my revit one matches. So frustrating. Its going to take forever and it is tedious. I am having trouble concentrating. Partially because I don't like that I have to re-do everything, partly because I am still angry from this morning, partially because I am real hungry and lastly because I really want to paint now..but can't.

Here is how my setup looks. In my nice little cubical. Actually it looks like a disaster. I have too many plans and papers and no where for them to go. Oh well.
I hope this day improves.

This picture never fails to make me happy!

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