Tuesday, July 14, 2009

texts from last night.

First off. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest cousin Ashley!

So looking for amusement lately... two things so far have made my time at work more awesome,

the first being my old LJ as we used to call it. or Livejournal. Nothing is better than reading shit from high school. The older the entry's the better. Seriously I wrote some weird shit! hahahaha

The other thing keeping me amused is texts from last night ... So funny.

This is my favorite so far

(571): non applicator tampons are so hard to put in when your drunk. i fingered myself for 10 minutes and forgot what i was trying to do.


Harry Potter tonight SOOOO STOKED! So I need to finish the last 100 pages or so today....

Bleh I have to call and get competitor pricing. GAY. Oh well.

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