Monday, July 27, 2009


So I have scheduled an appointment to get my hair cut... Its with Tori whom I went to highschool with. She works at Wink Salon at hiltop. Pretty excited. I'm thinking of just letting her do something sweet like leave it up to her mostly? As long as its not suuuuper short. My hair is one of the longest its ever been. It was MAYBE longer when I was in 9th grade. Goes down to my mid back. It just looks real ragged and my hair is really fine so when it gets this long it starts to look scraggly unless I put alot of effort into styling it. My bangs are also an obnoxious length always in my eyes. They are like down to my upper lip so ALMOST grown out. But I'll probably get her to cut them shorter again. So I was looking for ideas I like these ...

I still don't know what I want so I will probably leave most of it in Tori's hands.
On another note. I get to go get my teeth cleaned at the dentist tomorrow. I guess I am a weirdo but I LOVE getting my teeth cleaned. HAHA. Also to look forward to Ashley and I are going to Harry Potter on Wed after work. Thursday is my haircut. Saturday I am going with my mom, gma and Joni to this awesome craft show at the park at the great neck rec center. then that afternoon/night I am driving up to RVA to hangout with Casie, and then Sunday Brunch with Beth and what sounds like a shit ton of other people. I'm gonna try and see David sunday too before I drive back to VB. So all in all I am pretty stoked. I need to make sure I am well rested for Sat night so I can stay up late and go out! A real feat for me whose bedtime is like 10:30....
Pretty stoked about it all. And next weekend Zach and I are painting the living room, dining room and hall. the house will be one step closer to looking completely awesome!

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