Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So I do not remember the other reunions sucking. They do only happen once every 5 years so I felt obligated to go... But this one SUCKED.

Maybe it would have been better if more of my family had gone. I'm not sure. But I feel like the drive and 1500 miles put on my car was NOT worth it. And it was a waste of 2 days off work. Pretty dissapointing. My fourth of July was spent exploring a Barn and driving around aimlessly through what was just farm after farm hoping to come across something to do ( we didn't.) We also did not see any fireworks.

The reunion itself wasn't much fun either. My grandma was in a bad mood and they left early. My mom, Shea, and I knew virtually noone. It sucked. We spent another night hanging out in the hotel, but only after there was this whole fiasco with them checking us out and saying we hadn't paid for our last night there.

The only other real excitement other than shea taking a butt picture under a sign saying Butt Hut. Was finding a baby rat in my car. which I cried over because it was still alive and I had to leave it to die. The next day my mom and Shea found 5 more, but didn't tell me until we were back in VA. I hope they survived. The mother must have travelled in the car too since they were still alive Sunday. and I know they came from my house since I've seen rats there alot lately.

Maybe I feel real disappointed about it since EVERYONE I know had an awesome weekend, while mine was completely rotten. But I really TRIED to make the best of it, it just didn't work out too well.

There were SOME funny things like the weird man sitting on this random boulder in the parking lot which wasn't there the first day. Then him walking backwards past our window. It doesn't sound as funny described but when it happened it was hillarious.

The people in upper sandusky, OH and the surrounding areas are just pretty bizzare. We did NOT fit in. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. The style is wretched and It is just a completely different way of life. Seeing amish people riding down the road on horse drawn carts is just WEIRD. And the walmart is the biggest thing within like 60 miles. Or more. who knows.

One of my second cousins has hit 19 deer. W T F. Its serious farmers and country bumpkins. And thats basically it. I could never live there. I would be driven insane. I guess thats enough about kirby and upper sandusky, OH.

I hope I cheer up for the rest of the week. Right now I am feeling slightly Bitter.

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