Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nothin new here

So not much has been going on lately. We've finally gotten rid of the giant ugly entertainment center, and our TV stand is now in its place with Zach's 42" TV. The wall looks sooooo bare now. It is a major upgrade from what was there before.

Our cruise is a month away! SOOO exciting! When we are gone Zach is gonna hook up all the ridiculously retarded surround sound and put in his 52 " TV and wall mount it. Then it will be complete home theater system. Completely unnecessary.

Shea's birthday was yesterday we all got together at my moms house. It was loads of fun. Joey and Kyla are in town til Sat morning. Always nice seeing them! Dinner at my Grandma's house tonight and I will probably try and do something with them tomorrow since I am not working!

Here's some pictures Joni sent me from last night. I haven't uploaded any of my pictures yet...

Trying on my old glasses from like 4th grade

Totem pole!

I'll probably have some more good ones after I look at my camera...

I am also really looking forward to So You Think You Can Dance tonight, its the 99th episode and Ellen is going to be a guest judge I think? So it is bound to be funny.

Back to another day of Zero customers and a million games of Tetris and Rockem Blocks.

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