Saturday, August 7, 2010

Birthday and house wants

I know my birthday is still around 2 months away...but still here are some things I really like!

These are all from my favorite store... Anthropologie. Sadly everything is so expensive there.However anyone who wants to get me a present theres some ideas!

Here are some things I want for my house:

My dad finally wrote me a check for the things I left him at the old house. I am considering using it to buy these for the living room...I still plan on making curtains to go in front of them though.

Ive also been on a hunt for containers like these. Found one small one at a garage sale for $2. These are at Crate and Barrel, which we still have an unused gift card there. Maybe I will get those. 

Remember this idea?
I want to do it here:

Here are some ideas:

Both at Crate and Barrel.

I really like these two, like paint speckles. I like the idea of alternating blue and green. I wonder if I found white ceramic plates at a thrift store if I could recreate this with acrylic paint? Because the Anthropologie plates are a bit expensive.
Here are some more from Anthropologie:

These are from Target:

I was thinking I could paint the back of this last one to make it more interesting. It is an acrylic plate. I am liking the idea of the white painted ceramic plates the best so far.


  1. Id check out Target for the glass containers. I have seen them there.

  2. The plate idea is great. I might try this too. I would not want to dust them though :) .