Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Sofas

Well remember this sofa and loveseat I loved from Value City?

Well we went to buy it yestereday only to find out a hotel just bought all 308 sofas!!! What luck! They wouldn't get any more until probably December. I was very bummed.

We went to Lazy Boy then because Zach and Janet liked a set there. It actually ended up being really nice. The fabric seemed like it was way nicer than the Value City couch. Only no dark grey. So here is what I ended up getting.

in this color. Looks sandy which will go with my beachy cottage look.

I think it looks a lot better in person too. As for those pillows I will definitely be recovering them. So now I need to hunt for some fabric for that. They get delivered on Tuesday!


  1. Both couches are nice! It is interesting that they come with throw pillows.

  2. Yeah, you couldn't get them in the same solid color as the couch which I thought was strange.

  3. glad you went to La-Z-Boy! The Keifer is one of my favorite sets, too! (PS.. I used to work there for 2 years as the designer) It'll look good in your house :)