Saturday, May 8, 2010

I wish...

  • I had lots of $$$ to spend on awesome clothes
  • Zach and I had a nice camera to take to Ireland or my Nikon D 100 worked correctly and focused
  • I was good at taking pictures
  • I had more time & money to spend on home updating/ decorating/ repairs
  • I had paintings done and had my Etsy shop open
  • I had weekends off
BTW I am now in love with this blog Sea of Shoes written by Jane Aldridge who is now only 18 years old but started her blog at 15! I'm not going to lie I am pretty jealous of her awesome wardrobe and shoe collection. I doubt I will ever be so lucky! Or rich enough to afford it. Heck, who at the age of 18 can say they've already designed a shoe collection for Urban Outfitters! I'm sure she has a lot more ahead of her too! So since I know I can't have awesome things like this... 

I will just have to continue to drool over her closet.

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