Saturday, May 8, 2010

2 Weeks!

Its insane that the wedding is two weeks from today! So soon! I feel like there is still so much to do! I'm sure their really isn't that much to be done but, it feels like there is.

Zach and I have been super busy with the wedding, moving, and trying to get the old house cleaned up and nice looking as well as getting the new house organized. The new house is still in disarray. We do have a lot of things put away but I feel like just as much is still in need of a home. Zach and I want to try and clean up the house by Thursday since friends may be staying over. Zach and his best buds leave for their weekend bachelor party trip Friday morning. I am making Alyssa stay with me while Zach is gone because I don't want to be in the house alone. Ha! I am a wimp.My bachelorette party will be Saturday and I have NO idea what Ashley (cousin) and Liz have been planning.

Zach has got the TV in the den mounted though, so at least that is some progress. I feel like most things will not be done until after the wedding. Though maybe next weekend I can paint a room or 2, with Alyssa's help of course! I really am dying to get rid of those two mustard walls in the living room, and super anxious to start on my kitchen makeover.If not before the wedding then we will tackle these projects after the honeymoon.

Ultimately I do not have much to report other than the fact that I am longing to be working on projects at the house rather than sitting at work on this beautiful Saturday. Maybe working on Saturdays will change soon....

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I will be spending it with none other than my mom! We are going to head to the Prime Outlets in Williamsburg to check out BCBG and Nine West... and I don't think I can resist J. Crew and Ann Taylor either. We need dresses (I need one for the rehearsal dinner, and she MAY need one for the wedding, then of course to look at shoes at probably my favorite shoe store.) I swear by Nine West. All of my favorite shoes are theirs and they are always so comfortable.
After that, I am assuming we won't be there too long, we will probably go to Lynnhaven Mall. I still need to visit MAC and pick up a few things as well as get some nude undies. Plus we may need to continue Dress and Shoe shopping depending our luck at the outlets. It should be a very fun Mother's Day!

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