Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dunny Fatale

images courtesy Kidrobot

Monday, December 28, 2009

Cookie Baking Day

A little belated... but I have been busy!

Cookie Baking day turned out great. We were very productive and our methods this year made it run smoothly and faster than usual. We all pretty much paired up and each had a specific job. Measuring ingredients. Mixing, watching cookies in the oven, transfering from racks etc.

Julie and Gabrielle came and we had a great time. It all made for a very happy cookie Baking day!

Janet even made us all festive aprons!

There were more cookies made than shown in this picture. About 4 more trays worth! Thats alot of cookies!!

Ashley's 3rd annual Christmas party was also a ton of fun per usual! The white elephant gag gift exchange is still my favorite part.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Weekend ahead!

It is going to be a busy weekend! Our family's annual cookie baking day is saturday. I will have to see if I can find pictures from a previous year to give an idea of how insane it is. My aunt Jooji and my cousin Gooby are coming too. I am REALLY excited about this and I hope it goes well. Fingers crossed this is the beginning of a reconciliation. I haven't seen them in probably 5 years.
Sunday will hopefully be successfull in finishing up our christmas shopping and I need to paint Zachs brother a painting...which I have been putting off due to the frigid conditions of the garage. Guess I will start up the space heater out there bright and early.

Also glad that tomorrow I can say TGIF because I actually have a weekend off. Yay!

Monday, December 14, 2009

TJT Reunion!??

The Juliana Theory has been one of my favorite bands for YEARS. I was very sad when they broke up, but now they may be playing a two reunion shows. I want to do all that I can to go! They will be playing emotion is dead cd all the way through. Which is my favorite album, so the awesomeness is just that much more. I NEED TO GO TO THIS!!!! Here is the info...

SERIOUSLY? Ever heard of the word communication?

SO today has been STRESSFUL!

Busy as crap at work. I've had trucks going out for Toys for tots lately. Today two went out and then another guy came in saying I need to take truck 47. So I was like Okay.. what store do you work at? He said oh I have to take it to truck source blah blah. So I talked to him a little more then gave them the key. I was still a little unsure so I called Tashondi and she knew nothing about it. I tried to stop him but he drove off. Total panic ensued. I thought OMG I just totally assisted this guy in stealing our truck!!! so I tried to get in touch with Dana, No luck through call, email and text. Tried to call Tashondi and text. No luck. So I google searched truck source, called them and they said the truck was there. So Okay, good sign. Then I called Trevor. He said yes it was going to get an estimate for the damage from when the woman ran it into my building. ...

Is this a total lack of communication or what!!!!!??? I should have been told. and the area manager should have known. It totally sucks when you can't get in touch with anyone! It took me forever to calm down too because I was freaking out so bad. Regardless I am pissed. This is rediculous and I can't believe I have to deal with crap like this every day! UGH. I will never again send a truck out to someone I don't recognize without taking a copy of their Drivers Liscense. Lesson learned.

I really would enjoy a hug from Zach right now. Maybe I just need to gaze at Henry Cavill...

Yes please!!! swooooon...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Busy Bee

Today I am trapped working. :(

I have so much I want to be doing right now, but instead I have to work. Thankfully I am off tomorrow but that one measly day off leads to 5 more solid days of work. Until finally I get a weekend.

I just constantly feel like I get ZERO rest on my days off because there is SO much that needs to get done. Between cleaning the house, laundry, wedding planning and other little things I really don't have any time leftover to do what I want to do.

Last night I did get home and watch the ugly truth which was a good happy romantic comedy to relax to as all three animals piled on the loveseat around me. I wish I got a good pic of all of us, but sadly I did not. Kathy was next to me on her back with her back legs sticking off of the couch, Lurina was sprawled out on my lap and the pillow, and Penguin was laying on the back of the couch around my head. It was complete awesomeness and they stayed there for the entire duration of the movie. AND of course it ended right before zach got home and the pets all decided oh the movies over, time to get up. So no one but me got to witness the cuteness of my animal children. All I have got is this, before the kitties joined me...

I guess I shouldn't complain, and not having any time to do what you really want is part of being a grown up. It does get frustrating sometimes though!

I HOPE tomorrow is not too rainy. I really want to run but I feel like I won't get to because of weather. Plus I may go out and do something tonight. My bestie and I have a super busy day tomorrow. We are going to go hunting for wedding invites, and look at handmade paper at jerry's. If the weather is nice I will take her to see my wedding location (Don's house, Although it is still under construction). We had also planned to go to MacArthur to shop for wedding shoes, and maybe some other things too. It should be alot of fun, certainly a busy day!

Back to work for me.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A change

Okay so... I made another blog... just for the wedding! BeeZee I also spent the time moving all my wedding related posts over to the new blog.

So I have cleaned up this blog although now it looks sad and like I haven't posted in it in forever!!!

I keep thinking I've got this great head start on all my christmas presents then I go back over it and it doesn't seem like I have gotten much. Ugh! So far I have my mom, Shea, Rachel, Ashley B, and part of Zach's present done. I still need to get something for my dad, Kyla, and Kaelyn. Zach is going to get his parents gifts, and uncle Joe's gift, and I've got to make Josh a painting. Total crap.

Tonight my besties are coming over for dinner! Jamie is bringing salad stuff, I believe Amie is bringing garlic bread, I am making pasta with a red sauce which I believe will include... ground turkey, sauted spinach, garlic, onion and tomatoes... plus some seasoning. Hopefully it is tasty! It is going to be a fun night!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where did this year go?

First off.... HOW is it already December?!?!

So we have gotten the patterns for all the dresses, got everything we need for the bridesmaids and flowergirls, and ordered the fabric for my dress! Bridesmaid dresses ended up costing $50 a piece. Not bad at all I don't think!

Zach and I have been discussing the song for our first dance. So far we are disagreeing. So hopefully we will find something that we both like.

Last night I had bizzare dreams ALL NIGHT LONG. One that I remember was these two guys that abducted me and stuff and I kept escaping but they followed me to my house like crazy stalkers. I had to call the police on them. Then they found me at my work and tried to stab me and Zach fought them off. Totally weird. No idea what was going on in my head.

I have been debating whether I should send out save the dates or not. At this point I could almost wait a month or two and just send out my invites... Still not sure but I think I definately need to start looking at ordering invitations as well as calling places for prices on everything from catering to tent rentals and flowers. I've decided alot of what I want but haven't actually secured any vendors really.

All this on top of christmas stuff, its going to be a crazy month.

I have a cold. I hope it will go away and not linger for weeks. But I am thankful it is not the flu!

I suppose thats enough for now, back to eating my lunch.