Friday, June 26, 2009

No More Woodlake

So, Monday I start working in the bright yellow Mini Price office at Towne Center. I will be the only one in there. I think I will be doing ALOT of reading because I will have a LOT of down time...

I'm pretty excited about working closer to home.

Right now I am hungry...and I've got to wait a few more hours before I eat because Zach and I are getting mexican. He doesn't even get off work until 7. I want to go outside to try and finish the painting I started the other day, But I have a feeling it is deathly hot out there. Lame. I think I am going to suck it up anyways.

Short work week next week too because I am going to a family reunion in Ohio. I will be driving up there Friday and driving back Monday. I'm sad Joni's family isn't going, and that I don't get to spend 4th of July with Zach. But I am sure it will be fun.

SO. There are two super crazy people that come into Mini Price on a daily basis. Mr. Zimmerman, and Ms. Gibbs. Ms. Gibbs is rediculous. she has gone into our break room and made herself cookies (we bake Otis Spunkmeyer every morning)  and brew herself coffee. Today she: 
  • Asked Danielle (who is pregnant and about to deliver) how her private parts felt.
  • Dug through the trash to find herself a plastic bag because I told her I didn't have one
  • danced and sung around the store
  • made us turn on music and kept ordering us to turn it up.
  • went behind our counter, got air freshener out and proceeded to spray around the office, especially the cubical she was in.
  • also blasted music at the cubicle she was in and was singing LOUDLY in there.
It really just blows my mind. She is not right in the head.

Now I need a snack and I am going to paint.

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