Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Zach Is 24!

So. Not much happening lately.

Today is Zach's birthday, but he is working from 1 to 9 so I doubt I will even see him.

I am house sitting at my parents. Lurina is still pretty grouchy about being carted over there, she doesn't really like Lammy and Zeba.

I want the weekend to get here already so Shea will be around and I won't be alone in that big house. Plus there is alot going on this weekend. Friday night I am going out with Zach's family for his birthday, Saturday I think we are going out with his friends. Sunday is Easter brunch at my Grandmas and dinner at Zachs. Busy weekend!

I am still getting over this crappy cold that has been plaguing me since last thursday. I am ready to run today since I missed out saturday and monday. I am afraid our time will be crap though. I hope I dont start coughing my brains out mid-run either.

Its going to be another long day at work. Tomorrow will suck because I have a meeting in Newport News at 1:00. Seriously? Why are these meetings always interfering with my lunch schedule. Especially when I need to let all the dogs out?! Crap!

Back to work

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