Friday, April 24, 2009

Yummy dinner last night

So, Last night after I ran, I picked up some stuff for dinner and proceeded to concoct this dish here.
I bought raw shrimp and we had to devein and de shell it. I sauted it with some garlic, olive oil, and lime juice (i wanted lemon juice but didn't have any) I also cooked some rice in the rice cooker. The asparagus was cooked in the pan after the shrimp I added some more garlic, lime and a bit of butter. Then once everything was done I put it all together with some fresh chopped parsley and salt and pepper to taste. It was SO GOOD. Plus it was easy to make! I think I did pretty well for winging it!

Zach and I also put up the new curtains and took down and trashed the old hanus ones. Sadly there is a 2 inch wide strip along the top of the window that is NOT painted. SO it looks super stupid. Eventually I will repaint... Whatever color goes in the livingroom will also have to go through the hall and maybe in the dining room as well.... SO thats a big job and I want to wait for those floor heat things to be taken out... Someday these things will get done...

So the summer seems to be quickly approaching which is awesome. I loathe winter and spring is just this anticipation for summer, and getting to lay out by the pool. Maybe this year I will have more time to go to the beach. At least I'm not immobilized by my foot.

Summer also means Zach is moving in.. only like 3 months to go. Crazy. I'm not going to lie I can't wait to have that 52" tv in the living room. and no more ugly entertainment center. Plus the insane surround sound he is getting. Our house will certainly be hooked up for some movie nights.

Lots of exciting things to come though! I wish everything didnt cost so much money!

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