Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am so upset that I didn't discover this show until now. And that it was canceled. Why are the good shows on Friday night when no one watches them?? But I am addicted to it and sadly I only have the 4th disk left... which is like 4 episodes. So sad :(

Now I need to find some new vampire thing to love.

Tonight I am babysitting the twins. Always entertaining. Last time one of them, or my butt, who knows called James. Whoops! I still don't understand why things are how they are between us. I thought we ended...okay, I think we both knew it was over at least. Still, it seems he wants me completely erased from his life. Oh well I guess. Nothing to do about that. SO that was awkward for a second. I also painted the girls nails last time. I wonder how much polish is left on those miniscule fingernails.The biggest question of all is... Which Disney movie will it be tonight?

I watched like four episodes of moonlight last night. At one point each of the five animals took their turn on my lap, basking in my affection. But Penguin was being especially cute! and for some retardo reason the picture WON"T LOAD. Totally lame.

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