Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pay Day

No not the candy, but dolla dolla bills.

I wish Zach would get up so I could figure out if I should babysit thurs. and or sat.

Shea comes home again tonight. I am thinking about making Beth's chicken recipe with some rice. Since I will have someone else to eat it. That or I will try and convince Shea to come to Warriors grill...

There really isn't much that has been going on lately. I just want to go home and watch some more episodes of Moonlight.

Not looking forward to starting to work on this Allstate as built plan. It is just pretty overwhelming and I am going to have to use my scale to figure out a lot of the measurements. Since I wanted to spend as little time as possible measuring in there with Marc. Plus I was starving and wanted lunch.

Yesterday was super busy so I am sure today is going to DRAG on. Gah. At least the weather this weekend is supposed to be beautiful!

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