Thursday, March 5, 2009


So Zach and I go to Anaheim soon... like 12 days. I am pretty excited. I've started tanning so I am not so ghostly vampire white. HA. I feel overwhelmed with vacations all of a sudden. I rarely go out of town so it is kind of a big thing. Plus I have never been on a vacation with my boyfriend so this will be a first for me.

This summer I have my Smith family reunion which occurs every 5 years in the absolute middle of nowhere, Kirby, Ohio to be exact. The closest city is Upper Sandusky I suppose. So that will be another memorable vacation I am sure.

Then there is another first. My first cruise! Ashley, Debbie, Shannon and I are going on a 5 night cruise to the Bahamas. I got a little worried since we are going Aug 22- 27, I thought it would mess up my training for the half marathon (which is Sept.6) Luckily there is a track on the ship! So I just have to make time for it in my vacation. I may have to rearrange my schedule a bit so I don't have to do the 9 or 10 mile run on the ship but, there is still two 5 + mile runs I will need to do. I just have to remember I CAN NOT slack off since it is so close to the race. It shouldnt be too bad. I don't really drink much, even though I'm sure everyone else will. I won't be able to so I can get up early and run. At first I was starting to have reservations about it but I think it will be fun and I am super excited and relieved after looking up info about the ship (the Carnival Facination) and finding out about the track. I think I will have a really good time!

Other than that I am ready to start training and be SUPER fit! I am also glad my bestie wants to do it with me. Since I don't think it is physically possible for me to run with Zach since his legs are 2 times longer. I'd die trying to keep up with his strides or he'd be walking while I was running! I am sure that is a bit of an exaggeration but... I know I would be running faster to keep up without meaning to and I would tire myself out.

The weather is going to be GORGEOUS this weekend. And I expect its going to be a super fun one. Saturday I am running. and probably walking Kathy. My mom and I are painting my kitchen (and possibly getting new light fixtures?) which will put my house one step further towards being the way I want it. The next big project will be new furniture and curtains for the family room. I need to start saving for it. Saturday night Ashley, Debbie, my parents, Don and Liz and Zach and I are all going out for Mexican and possibly drinks which will be fun. Sunday Zach doesn't have to work for once. I think we are going hiking in Sea Shore with Kathy, then we need to wash our cars. Kathy could use a bath too.

I am in a real good mood and cant wait for the weekend! Or California!

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