Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brooke Waggoner

Is coming here to Virginia Beach! To Jew Ma on April 26! Which is AWESOME. I really like her music and she even has polaroids of herself (as seen above) which makes her even cooler. So I am super excited. She is playing with some other bands which I am now checking out. Paper Route I like a lot so far. I have yet to listen to This Providence. Ashley B said she would go to the show with me. But this has made what wasn't the best day at least somewhat improved.

Dons house plan is irritating me.

I really need to use some energy up at the gym tonight. I wish I could just go now!

My mom said she would help paint my kitchen this weekend : ) and we are going out with Don and Liz.

So I got this weird text last night saying that my card had been deactivated and to call some number (757) 772-0204 to reactivate it. I figured it was a scam. It turns out both my parents got it as well. I googled it and some people had also gotten the same text saying it was a scam. I sent in a tip to WVEC about it! hah. But I could see some older person getting that text and falling for it.

One of the Verizon diggers (from my parents last friday) had left their shirt in my moms backyard. It turned out there was a name tag. So I called the number on it and told the woman from the company I had John A. Bergerson's name tag and shirt. She was cracking up at me when I was saying how it was all frozen and that his card had his little face on it. I am positive I was her most interesting caller today. So I guess someone is going to come retrieve his shirt! He may need that Id card!

So those were my good deeds for the day.

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