Thursday, May 3, 2012

6 Weeks Old!

Well almost, tomorrow officially marks 6 weeks. Evie is growing super fast. I think she is around 11 lbs right now though I don't really have a way to weigh her. She is starting to make more noises and spends more time alert and awake, plus I am starting to get smiles. She holds her head up really good too. She had pretty bad baby acne but that is finally going away and her face looks considerably better now.
I am still trying to get her on a good sleep schedule. Right now between around 8 pm and midnight she is inconsolably mad, like clockwork I can expect to have a screaming, frantic baby for about 4 hours straight. The rest of the day is fine. She goes to sleep the easiest during the day, and of course at night she eats and then is up for at least an hour, but she does usually sleep from 12:30 to 4:30 so at least I get a 4 hour stretch. Just part of motherhood. For the most part the lack of sleep hasn't really bothered me too much, I have pretty much adjusted to only sleeping about 6 hours.

I have been pretty lucky with personally recovering from having a baby. The first week was tough but other than that and having sore boobs for a few weeks I have been feeling great. I am pretty much back to my pre-baby weight, so I have lost about 30 lbs in about 6 weeks. I definitely feel lucky because I know some people have a real hard time losing weight. I am sure the nursing has helped me tremendously. Now I just need to try and work in some time to start running again.

Monday I go back to work. I am going to be super sad to leave her. Thankfully my grandma, my mom, and Janet have volunteered to watch her. At least daycare isn't something I have to worry about. I just really wouldn't want my baby to be with a stranger all day, plus daycare is a germ fest, not to mention expensive. I think aside from not getting to hang with my little cutie all day the hardest thing is going to be the lack of sleep. If I continue on the schedule I have now with her, I will probably only get about 4 hours of sleep before I have to go to work. Hopefully Zach will help me more since I will be working too, he just gets frustrated with her when she is upset. For once I can say I have more patience than him.

I need to get better about posting it is just hard to find the time for it. Here are some pictures!

First bath!

 This was in her Halo, complete escape artist. We stopped swaddling her and putting her in her halo after this...
Evie and James!

 Her hair has started falling out, slowly her hairline is receeding further and further back. Guess I may have a bald baby after all... I know I was bald for a long while after my hair fell out.

Blur Face!

I definitely think she has my eyes and chin. There are times I think she looks like Zach too though. She takes after Zach size wise for sure, but I think she looks more like me. 
Here is me:

And Zach:

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  1. Sounds like you have a colic baby on your hands...actually you definitely do. You may want to look up some tricks to deal with colic.

    TJ does the same thing as Zach and just gets frustrated when baby goes crazy! I think it is a guy thing :/

    Glad to hear motherhood is otherwise going well!