Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Evelyn Mae Johnson has arrived!

I never did get a 38 or 39 week photo. Woops. But here is one to complete the little photo project Jessica and I did.

Hard to believe this little cutie was inside me for 9 months and now she is here! 
I ended up having to go into the hospital on Thursday March 22 to get cervidil to help get me ready to be induced. My amniotic fluid was low and the baby wasn't moving around as much as my doctor would have liked. I was supposed to have the cervidil in for 12 hours. My body had other plans since my water broke at like 9 am and I went into labor on my own. Labor pains sucked. It is the kind of pain that I have already forgotten but I know it was just plain awful. I was about 5 centimeters dialated by around 12:30 or 1 and had the epidural by 1:30 or 2. I was so set on getting that epidural,  I was determined to stay still and deal with the pain until that needle was in. It took about 20 minutes before the pain was pretty much gone entirely but the relief was near instant.  I finally had a little pitocin to help me continue dialating and by 4 I was ready to push. I swear after I had that epidural I was good to go. When it came to pushing I was super excited and ready to get her out. I started pushing at 4:15 and  she was born at 4:34 pm. I think there were only about 10 pushes total, it all happened really fast. There was meconium and she had to have her stomach pumped, so I had to wait for what felt like an eternity before I could hold my baby. All in all I think I lucked out I had a pretty short labor and Evie is healthy and perfect.

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