Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Office Progress!!!

The office is coming along. I am hoping by Friday it will be mostly done! The floor is painted except for the corner where the desk is currently sitting. The two walls behind where the desk is also needs to be painted still but all the other walls and the ceiling are complete! We ripped out the trim so hopefully tomorrow we will have the new trim painted, and installed. Then we can move the desk back in place and finish up the remainder of the painting in the room. Right now the house is exploding with all of the things in the office that needed a temporary home while we get the office in shape. I will be glad to have my living room functional again.
Heres a sneak peak of what things are looking like right now. Zach sent me this from his phone... so sorry that it isn't the best image!

Once the room and desk are painted then I can get some curtains and I also have been thinking I want to paint the dated old brass ceiling fan a bright green and the blades white. I would prefer getting a nice little chandelier from the thrift store and painting that but Zach really wants to keep a ceiling fan in there. So I will attempt to revamp the one we have. From what I read it shouldn't be too hard, aside from taking it down and reinstalling it. I can't even tell you how excited I am to have this room finished and functional as an office/ studio space!


  1. ok, once you refinish your fan you're going to have to come help me redo the one in my living room! i found the fan blades when i was looking for something the other day and i'd love to either replace it all together or get the fan back up and functioning. i hafta get rid of the brassy looking base either way!

  2. From what I've seen the blades you would want to do a light sanding on them first. The base part needs to be taken down, and tape off any important parts like where the light bulb skrews in. I think you can just spray paint it all. I'd spray paint it with primer first then whatever color you want it. I will let you know how my attempt goes!