Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Office Curtains

The office is so close to being done I can almost taste it. I am bursting with excitement to have the rest of my house back in order and a bright and cheery studio space to work in. The floor is officially complete with three layers of clear high gloss sealer. Only things left to do are to paint the trim again since we've caulked up the holes and crack between the wall and put poly on the desktop. I'm going to tackle these two things when I get home tonight and then we are going to start moving stuff back in!

I've been thinking about what kind of curtains I want in the room. I really want a big bright and bold print. I still stand by the fact that there is way better selection with shower curtains rather than window treatments out there. Here are some I saw at Kohl's:

This website has some awesome fabric selections but its pretty pricey. I love this:
Sadly that fabric is no longer on the website in those colors. This would be perfect for my office. I suppose I could always look at the fabric store and sew some curtains myself if I can't find anything I like. However it would be much easier just to buy some. Marimekko has everything from fabric to wallpapers in an assortment of bold prints. 

This website Romo also has some nice fabric prints, of course they are out of my budget. They aren't as bold as I want either. They aren't all florals, I just liked these...

Not sure where else to look. Target used to have some nice shower curtains but last time I was in there they were bare, must be getting in a lot of new merchandise in their bath department. Maybe there will be a new wondrous curtain waiting for me next time I go there. The office has two windows. So I need one panel for each window and they will be able to be draped to the side. 

Urban Outfitters actually has some real cute curtains, and they really aren't that expensive.

I've also been thinking that I want my Dunny's displayed in the office somehow. They have been in a box for almost a year now. I still have to figure out if we have the wall space where they will still be visible...

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  1. i didnt know u collected dunny's! i have a bunch of kidrobot. i must come see once u put them up :)