Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lots on my mind...

It is now 2010! A new year which I am sure will hold lots of new things.

The biggest ones being Zach and I getting married, and hopefully buying our first house! Fingers are also crossed for us going overseas to Ireland for our honeymoon!

Lately I have had several things on my mind (other than wedding planning, which consumes alot of my daily thoughts)

First off I have been on the hunt for new ways to tie scarves. At Christmas Eve Kaelyn had tied her scarf completely awesome it was almost braided. I still haven't found anything online on how to recreate that look, nor have I figured it out myself. However, I have discovered several other interesting ways to tie a scarf. The first of my two favorites so far being the braided look .The other look I am sporting right now. I think it almost is a woven look though they call it casual. It is super simple to do too. Here are instructions.

This site was the closest thing I could find as a Scarf Tying Guide.

I have also felt very anxious to get all the improvements I want done on our house done. Though this is an unrealistic dream seeing that we need to save, also we need to buy the house first. Zach and I have been talking alot about this lately. Since we want to get a house (if we can) while the 8,000 tax credit is still happening ( so before april). We were also thinking that depending on how much our house appraises for we may or may not shop around to see if we could find something else that is larger/ or more what we may want for the same price. It is definately overwhelming, especially since Zach and I have no clue about this stuff and the loans and everything else involved.

I think maybe some rearranging of furniture and some simple yet cheap decorating accents will hold me over. Right now I need to figure out what to put inside my tall glass cyllinder and hurricane glass since I took the ornaments and pine cones out when I packed up our christmas decorations....
I also need to finish my quilt for Zach and I's bedroom. Then we can paint and that room will be on its way to looking more like an actual bedroom.

I really just need to get it in my head that Dream homes don't happen overnight!

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