Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Headed My Way!

These beauties are headed my way! I am so excited! Especially because of the Excellent deal I got on them thanks to Jessica's extra 40% off at Anthropologie right now. Even better is that the items were on sale!
I don't think I could have done better!

Here are some close up pictures...
First up:
This is why I needed a new bag.... on my trip to Orlando I forgot that I had eye drops in my purse and so the eye drops exploded in my bag on the airplane. So I have been toting this sadly stained purse around for a month.

I had wanted an over the shoulder bag for a while though and this one caught my eye but I just didn't have $150 for a purse. However... after it went on sale for $79.95 and I discovered I could get an additional 40% off it was mine! The purse says it is green...but looks yellow to me... we shall see when I get it!

The knobs I am going to put on my vanity table in my dressing room. I have been eyeing these bad boys pretty much since I got the table so that is probably a good 8 months at least.

And the curtains I got 2 panels, one for each window in my studio/office.  I got ones that are 63" long. I will hang them and hook them to the side. I think they will be perfect in there!

I can not wait until these goodies arrive!

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