Sunday, April 3, 2011


Last summer we had a plumbing issue and had to dig up and destroy our front flower bed. It looked like this with the hole....

A few plants were salvaged but it has looked barren and empty ever since. Luckily daffodil bulbs still came up ...

 Like these!
 ... and there are a few perennials left. Yesterday my dad took me to McDonald's Garden Center and we got some new plants to fix my flower bed. After lots of hard labor here is what it looks like now.

Of course a lot of these plants will get bigger. There is a type of Azalea's in the back that will have purple flowers. Then there are some carpet rose bushes that will have really light pink flowers. We planted some grassy plants and along the front added in some other little green plants that will have tiny little purple flowers. The trellis has a honeysuckle plant that will have yellow and hot pink flowers. I still have day lilies, daisies, and some other crazy purple plants, not sure what they are called though, so come summer this flowerbed should look even nicer.
Poor house really needs new siding or a power washing.

I plan on expanding the flowerbed on the far left so that it connects to the flower bed in the front of the house on the left. Right now there is a small flower bed in the very corner of the front yard with one little bush and a bunch of Irises. I want to curve the bed out and bring it up to the hedge on the left. I want to plant more of the same honeysuckle to go up the fence and  hopefully plant a hydrangea over there in the corner and maybe a butterfly bush? Not sure, however I did have three bags of mulch left so I definitely will be making that one whole flower bed.

Zach has also made us a vegetable garden!

We have a few things already planted, and Zach currently has a bunch of things started from seeds inside the house. Some of the little seedlings will be ready to be transplanted outside in a week or so. Come summer time we will have lots of fresh herbs and veggies including:
Jalapeno Peppers
Cayenne Peppers
Bell Peppers
Green Onion

I am very excited about all the yummy things I will be able to pluck fresh straight from our own backyard.

On another note I have painted the shutters and front door since these pictures have been taken. When Zach puts my shutters back up I will get an updated picture from outside up. I actually broke my foot while removing the shutters to paint them, The saddest part is that Zach was able to take them down without even getting on a ladder. Just my luck, being a gigantic klutz.

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