Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Dishwasher

So a few weeks ago our dishwasher died. Dang being a homeowner and its impromptu unforeseeable catastrophes! Luckily Best Buy was offering 18 months at zero interest. We were lucky to get a bit of a deal due to Zach's old work connections and find one we liked in stock at the Best Buy near our house.

Zach, Greg and Dave spent most of the day installing it. After two trips to comet plumbing it was done!
Here is the old junker being removed:

Installation in progress:

Ta-da! Shiny new dishwasher is done!

I am in love with this new dishwasher. It is near silent and works great plus it looks wonderful and matches the rest of the appliances. Bye bye ugly black piece of crap!

I was bummed I had to put off my new counters but we should be getting them when we get our tax refund. So I have that to look forward to. Then the last things left for the kitchen will be the glass back-splash and refinishing the table and chairs. The ceiling also needs work but that's a low priority.
Here is a sample of the counter tops:

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