Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I am in love with all of these things from west elm!
Christmas is coming up everyone!
I NEED this duvet. I have wanted a nice fluffy comforter to go with my new quilt on our bed. This is similar to the one at Anthropologie but only $120 instead of $300+. I will buy this with christmas money if I don't get it... hahaha

I love glass bottles and these antiqued ones are awesome! I especially love the mint green one and the dark green ones.

 These little owl ornaments are too cute.

I forget that I don't have a Christmas tree skirt every year. My mom gave me her old one but it doesn't fit our tree stand. I actually really like this faux fur one. I think it would be super simple to make too...

I think this garland is pretty. I saw these branches with little silver leaves on them at this little shop called Shore Gallery. I really wanted them to put in a glass cylinder for the holidays but they were $65 a bunch! Bummer. I figured I could make my own with paint and normal leafy branches but I have yet to find the right thing.

Since we got new kitty he is enjoying scratching up our couches. We've tried the little claw covers and he chews them off. For whatever reason our other cats don't scratch the furniture much. So our couches are covered with blankets galore and even with 3 throws on one the other is still bare. Plus the blankets don't match the room so it looks stupid. These faux fur blankets look awesome though and I desperately want one! Like the grey. Or really any. SO COZY!

West elm also has a ton of awesome pillow covers....and guess what I have like 7 pillows that need covers. I know if Zach reads this he will say WE DON'T NEED MORE PILLOWS OR GLASS BOTTLES! But these are just so nice and sophisticated! Plus since our house all has a somewhat similar color scheme things like pillows are interchangeable between rooms. Its always nice to be able to shuffle things around.

I adore this last pillow but I think the kitties may like it as much as me. Doesn't stop me from wanting it!

I am also in need of a fresh batch of tights, and if you know me you know I pretty much wear tights daily. I prefer dresses and tights to jeans any day. Most of my favorite tights have gotten life crippling snags which turn into giant holes and runs. So most of my favorites have recently met the trash. :( So depressing every time it happens, but trust me that I got their use out of them. Minus one that I got last Christmas which I somehow managed to put a giant hole in the first time I was putting them on. Now that was sad.

Anyways I'm just dreaming about how beautiful my house would be with these wonderful things in it! And how beautiful I would be in those tights! Just kidding.

Images courtesy West Elm and Anthropologie

Best of Friends

Ulysses seems to have won over every ones hearts! (We named the new kitty Ulysses) Lurina is the only one still a little grumpy about it but she only seems to be irritated when he chases her or pounces on her. Kathy doesn't know what to do when he gets rambunctious with her. Penguin plays with him chasing him around, I am waiting for them to wrestle but they haven't gotten that comfortable yet. He was so sick and underweight when we got him. His bones were sticking out however we've been feeding him kitten food and he has gotten SO much bigger in two weeks. Its crazy. He doesn't know his name yet, I usually call him little man or Uly (yew-lee) because Ulysses seems like a mouthful. Seriously though how cute is this!?

He was super mellow and laid back when we first got him. However now that he is feeling better he has gotten way crazier. Just the normal antics of a little boy kitten though. He is a great cat though and we love him!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I love costumes and dressing up! I thought my costume this year was super successful. Bummer that my cameras are still lacking chargers so I had to revert to the cellphone for pics. My makeup was really good too, its a bummer you can't see it perfectly. I scared the poor lady at CVS when I went to buy lipstick...

Monday, November 1, 2010


My corkboard is finally complete! Thanks to Earl and Kay for giving me all those corks to use! The frame is 24 x 36. There are 540 corks used on that board! It was pretty easy too. Janet and Mike cut me a piece of 1/4" thick wood to use as the backing and I used clear drying caulk to glue them on. My original plan was going to be to use a hot glue gun but I figured that wouldn't hold good enough. I think it looks awesome though! Now if only we could complete my desk so that I could start straightening the room up....

Im still stuck using cellphone pictures. I have had no luck finding our camera chargers and no stores around carry them! Ive tried RadioShack, Best Buy, and Batteries Plus.