Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Best of Friends

Ulysses seems to have won over every ones hearts! (We named the new kitty Ulysses) Lurina is the only one still a little grumpy about it but she only seems to be irritated when he chases her or pounces on her. Kathy doesn't know what to do when he gets rambunctious with her. Penguin plays with him chasing him around, I am waiting for them to wrestle but they haven't gotten that comfortable yet. He was so sick and underweight when we got him. His bones were sticking out however we've been feeding him kitten food and he has gotten SO much bigger in two weeks. Its crazy. He doesn't know his name yet, I usually call him little man or Uly (yew-lee) because Ulysses seems like a mouthful. Seriously though how cute is this!?

He was super mellow and laid back when we first got him. However now that he is feeling better he has gotten way crazier. Just the normal antics of a little boy kitten though. He is a great cat though and we love him!