Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two down, five to go

I am feeling super guilty for not blogging! I just have not had any time. Plus my computer at home is so uncomfortable to use, however hopefully that will be changing very soon! We finally have the materials to finish the desk, just now we have to do the work! Zach is off work this weekend so I may be putting that on the honey do list.

I spent my day off yesterday slaving over some curtains. I have been desperately in need of curtains for the majority of the house. Now I can officially say I have some for the living room and the kitchen. Next on my list will be the bedroom. Here is a preview since I have yet to hang them. I am hoping to get hardware tonight after work.

I have so many ideas on things I want to do for the house and it is really nice to actually get some of them done! I feel very accomplished. Hopefully I will get some real pictures up soon as well as my birthday presents!

Speaking of my birthday... Zach and I ended up going to eat at Warriors Grill. Which is always good and inexpensive. I noticed their light fixtures. I thought they looked pretty cool and would be real easy to make something similar. I don't exactly have a place for it but it would be neat and simple.

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