Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Camera Woes

Well I am very sad because I had the day off yesterday and several wonderful things I wanted to blog about. However my cameras had different ideas in mind rather than photograph things in my house for me. Both mine and Zach's cameras are dead. PLUS neither of the chargers are anywhere to be found. Believe me I searched every nook and cranny in our house. I may have to go out to buy a battery charger.

I will figure something out sooner or later. Now that some of my house is closer to being in a condition that I actually like I can start thinking of the next things on my home makeover list. The living room and kitchen are starting to look good and less like works in progress. Here are the things I am itching to get done:

  • New countertops for the kitchen- currently there is white laminate that is stained and falling apart on part and awful white tile on another. I REALLY like this one laminate that is in stock at lowes. It has a nice edge so it looks more like granite or higher end that plain old laminate. Plus I think it would look awesome in our kitchen. AND its affordable. I think total it would be $300-$400. Although we still have a $150 Home Depot gift card from the wedding. So I think this will be happening soon!
  • Glass backsplash in the kitchen, I already have a set plan in mind and it will look awesome!. I hate how our current white and grey checkerboard tile is only on one wall and not behind the stove.
  • Curtains for the bedroom. Now that my bedroom is making progress in the bedding department and actually has a color scheme, the olive green curtains need to be moved to another room and replaced with some charcoal grey ones. At least thats what I have in mind.
  • Accent wall in bedroom- I also want to paint the wall behind the bed charcoal grey. Super easy fix.
  • Paint office.
  • Finish and paint desk- this project has been taking way too long. We need to just get it done!
  • Cork board- To make this I need wine corks. So far I have like...8. Sad. I need WAY more. Anyone drink lots of wine and have corks to donate? I'm considering asking restaurants to save some for me. At least the frame is done.
  • Paint halls and back room. I already have the color picked. I think its benjamin moore's owl grey? I could be wrong.
  • Refinish kitchen table and chairs. If I get the counter tops I want then my plan for the table and chairs may be changing. I was going to paint the table white and the chairs this aqua and sea foam green color. (two of each) I am starting to think that I should do a weathered stained look? Not sure.
  • Finish the top and paint the tv console in the back room.
  • Paint other furniture in back room.
  • Comforter for the bedroom. I now have a wonderful quilt but I really want a comfy maybe down grey comforter for my room. I would love the Anthropologie one but I may have to look into similar cheaper options. I've seen some at West Elm, and Bed Bath & Beyond.
Thats about it for my list of things I really want to do! Maybe by the end of next year we will have some of this done...

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