Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mobile is complete!

The nursery actually looks like it is baby ready! I had my baby shower yesterday and got a lot of goodies! I am going to have a super fashionista baby. Alyssa and Jessica threw me a super awesome shower, sadly I don't really have any pictures from it.
Afterwards Alyssa helped me put away and organize all the things I got, which took quite a while. Today I went to Target and got a few more things plus some baskets for the changing table. My mom also helped me make my mobile which was slightly more tricky than expected. However it turned out perfect.

It was most definitely a 2 man job since someone needed to be holding the branch while the fishing line tying and bird gluing was going on. I hot glued the birds to the branches. For anyone attempting to make this themselves make sure that if your branch is at all curved you want it making a U otherwise no matter what it will be flipping upside down and you will have some acrobat birds on your hands. I used some eye hooks which we screwed directly into the branches and just tied the fishing line on securing it with a tiny bit of glue in other spots. Here are some pictures of the super fab mobile. I am in love with it!

Here you can see the fishing line a bit better:

This is the only wall I haven't hung the artwork on yet. I am putting these little animal artworks I did for the office a while back up here, plus a little shelf that I am going to paint the pink color of the closet.

I love Shea's painting on the wall.

My Grandma cross stitched the blanket draped over the crib. I love it!

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