Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thrifting Goodies

Janet and I went thrifting on Tuesday and I found some goodies!

This was actually a lamp, but I dismantled it and just kept the jug.

These were all taped together smallest to largest and it wasn't until after we got home that we discovered they attached together! Best surprise. I am currently in the process of painting them white. These are dunny shelves at their best.

I saw this brass crane and had to have it. I wanted to spray paint it but Zach really likes it being brass. Not sure if I will paint it or not yet...

I got four of these little glass plates. I may hang them on the wall I just am not sure where. But they have a really cool iridescent coloring to them, plus they've never been used!

I also found a pair of grey overall shorts that were from American Eagle that I thought would make the perfect summer paint clothes. However they were priced at $15. I mean come on! Who pays that for used clothes at the thrift store. American Eagle or not. I am still wishing I had them because they were perfect however I will not pay that much for used clothes that will just get covered in paint.

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