Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Garden is Blooming!

Zach and I have really been making some progress on our garden and yard! Zach admittedly has done most of the work but I have begun tackling the mass of overgrown weeds that has taken over our flowerbeds in the back yard.  Zach has made us a composter, a water barrel, and the veggie/herb garden is solely his doing. You can also see my newly painted shutters and front door!

The garden has come a long way!

Zach ordered us 1000 ladybugs and praying mantis's. Here's one of our lady bugs. They came in this mesh bag live and you could keep them in the bag for weeks in the refrigerator. Crazy.

This is part of the flower bed that still needs some serious cleaning up. There are dead bushes that need to be pulled out and countless trees and weeds that need to be taken out.

This is what the praying mantis came in. We got 4 pods like this and you hang them on a tree or bush in a shady spot 1-2 feet off the ground. They should hatch in a few weeks!

 This is our composter. The barrels Zach found on craigslist. They previously held pool chemicals. So Zach cleaned them out real well before putting them to use. 

Here is our rain barrel.

I finally have a blue hydrangea! 

My other hydrangea is coming up in the center, Last year it was very sick so I am happy it looks healthy this year. I am not sure what color flowers it will have. I really want to make this flowerbed more curved rather than a straight line around the fence. Maybe its just me but I prefer organically shaped flowerbeds.

Not sure why one of Zach's water jugs is over there, they were being used over top of our peppers at first. It worked like a little mini green house. I definitely think our yard is improving but of course it still has a long way to go!