Saturday, March 12, 2011

HOBO Wallet

I have had a hobo wallet for the past 6 almost 7 years. I have had two. My first was light blue and the one I have now is off white... or once was.
I absolutely love these wallets, though sadly mine now has seen better days. My bestie got me this one when I graduated college. So it is going on almost 3 years of use.

I have wanted a new wallet for a while but now they have some spring colors in which I like more than their winter collection. Here are the ones I am debating between.

  (Same wallet just in yellow. This is the vintage Lauren)

I think right now I am leaning towards this last one since it is a little different than the others I have had. Thoughts?


  1. have we picked one yet? the suspense is killin me!